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Exponential Trade Amount Settings

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Exponential Trade Amount Settings

Postby sleektrade » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:02 pm

Sometimes bots run well, and build up a surplus. But it doesn't trade on that surplus, and so exponential growth is not possible. Of course one can reset the robot to trade with a new amount, but it is time-consuming and annoying. Also, it messes up the Analyzer.

Sometimes bots run with losses, and grind to a stop because they're just short of the stated buy amount. Or they "steal" funds from other robots, so they can't do their job and grind to a halt also. And sometimes they just keep on bleeding, and expend much more than their original trade amount settings.

All these scenarios could be avoided if one could set a starting trade amount, but set it to trade exponentially. Thus wins would be set to work earning more money. And losses would decrease the available trade amount, so that losses may be more limited, and the robot not stop itself or causing others to stop because it is "grazing outside its own pasture."

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