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Siacoin Prediction for 2018

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Siacoin Prediction for 2018

Postby radha00027 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:44 am

Siacoin is a cryptocurrency. It can only work on the Sia network. Unlike the first and most sought after cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, whose origin remains pretty cryptic, Siacoin’s creation has been more transparent. Siacoin is fast gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world. Crypto bulls are out looking for Siacoin price prediction 2018.

The Siacoin-to-USD price is gaining some momentum this week, raising questions if a $1.00 Siacoin value could be a possibility. Let me first put that into perspective. At the current price of $0.0043, you could buy a million Siacoins for just $4,300. By comparison, one Bitcoin is currently trading for over $7,000. So if Siacoin’s price does hit $1.00, your little investment turns into a million-dollar jackpot.

The SC price is currently hovering over $0.0043. It is down from $0.0051 the same day a week ago. If you go further back to early summer of this year, you can see a consistent drop in price. The SC-to-USD price cratered soon after hitting its all-time highs of $0.02 apiece.
The Siacoin price shot all the way up to US$0.087 overnight. This is still a pretty low value for a currency which could have a major impact on the future of data centers and decentralized networks in general. Although it is still too early to tell whether or not Sia will be a big success in the future, things are looking rather promising right now. With the Siacoin price appreciating so much, Siacoin is now the 22nd largest cryptocurrency in terms of its market capitalization.

Considering that the Siacoin price seemed stuck at US$0.0275 for quite some time, this move is all the more impressive. The current Siacoin uptrend started becoming visible on January 4, and it has spilled over to today. At its peak, the value of one Siacoin even reached US$0.093, although it is obvious why this price momentum could not be sustained. More specifically, the all-time high was rejected fairly quickly, mainly because people took healthy profits and tried to buy back in cheaper.


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