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Help with bitmex.

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Help with bitmex.

Postby Bootylicious » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:08 pm


I have tested and tested and tested and tested 1000s of ways to make this bot buy and sell on Bitmex. I have done everything to get this bot to sell its position (short or long ). EVERY backtests will come back fine. The bot will place a buy (Short or long) but will not sell. Even the simplest easiest buy and sell method will not work. I divided up the channel to 50% buy 50% sell. Cross this line buy, cross this line Sell.


1) What am I doing incorrectly?

2) Why does the backtest come back showing no problems?

3) how do I fix this?

4) do I need 2 separate bots with offsetting signals for LONG and for SHORT?

What I have tried? BETA mode, Low power mode, I do not use Safeties but i have tried with them and without them even tried Scripted safties for buy and sell % gain and loss. I really feel like i have tried everything under the sun. I do not ask questions lightly and I almost never post to forums.

How i buiild and test my bot?
Maybe I am doing something incorrectly.
1) Select Trade bot , hit + , Add information and create, Select Leverage ammount, Trade ammount, trade method, Save

2) Add Indicators , Edit indaicators starting with intervals, And i try and keep the intervals the same, i usually start with 15 and work my way down or up. I add adleast 2 indicators, However i also created ones with 3 that tested very well and even with 1 .Most of the time it feels like if you add an indicator that is currently RED (short/Sell) it will switch to Gree (long/Buy) and vise versa, i have noticed also when 1 signal is reversed it will do the exact same thing switch the other indicator to the opposite color.

3) I will add safties if I plan to use one and, always use insurances. I use my insurances as Safties. I find that
I can correct most backtests with Insurances.

4) Next i look at the model, i make sure the ball is able to get to the bottom of the model if not i reload the page, some times the ball just falls straight threw reloading corrects that, once that works i Back test for 24 hours, then i correct any flaws repeating my test method. once everything is correct i will test the bot with 10 contracts.

I dont think the bot has worked a single time for me. The only bot that has worked for selling is the scalping bot. However if i take that scalping bot to ANY OTHER EXCHANGE. Binance for example it will sell but then will not rebuy.

I am not looking for your trade strategies, I am not mad about lost money, I do not expect Haas bot to make me rich or pay my bills.
However I feel very frustrated with the ammount of time i have put into the bot and it either not working or it telling me that i am doing something incorrectly to at least correct it.

Sorry for wasting any of your time with my idiocy If this is my fault also for my gramatical errors. Promise I am not an idiot I just sound like one when i write/type. I really have tried everything I can think of before asking these questions.

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