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Training Session 0: Haasbot learing curve explained

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Training Session 0: Haasbot learing curve explained

Postby stephan » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:18 pm

Welcome to this extra training session on the Haasbot.

I like to go in the deep for a moment about the thoughts behind the design of the haasbot itself. There are very good reasons why we got licenses. Sure we say it is to protect, sound good for marketing goals. But it might be good have it explained. This also directly explains on where to get started.

Beginners are expected to begin easy like with the scalper-bot. the thought behind this is to get some trades going and some profits incoming. If this works then the next logical step should be to scale it up. So this means the limit of 2 scalper-bots will be hit. This is not a problem because it forces a beginner to make its very first trade-bot. ... _trade-bot This expands the number of possible scalper bots to 4. It is a way to get somebody to think about what else can be done with trade-bots. And so the exploration of the trade-bots begins...

At start exploring the trade-bots it is highly recommended to keep things easy. Use absolute data (fixed stop-loss, fixed roof-in/out, high/low price indicator) so you will be able to predict what happens. This is the way to begin to trust the bots more. I call this "sleep well -bots" because that is their goal. (this is very closely related to the Custom Order-bots as well)

When this is all working alright then it becomes time to explore the relative based indicators. It will be important to get a feeling on how they respond and in which situation. I am expecting you will be able to make a clear separation between sideways and trending prices. From this stage on i think it is legit to begin to call somebody an average user. Profits will go up, there will be more control and fewer losses compared to beginners.

The moment somebody is able to make more trade-bots work together then i think we can call somebody an advanced user. Those people will also be able to operate the internal-arbitrage, flashcrashbot and the zone-recovery bot as well. Bots are not black box anymore to these people, they understand the risk they take and therefore the profits will skyrocket.

So, in conclusion, it all comes down to insight and being able to predict what happens. This is a learning curve indeed, but one which is worth it.
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