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Custom Market Making Bot

General discussion about Haasbot's Market Making Bot. (Professional)
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Custom Market Making Bot

Postby statdude » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:57 pm

Hello Stephan,

I have some questions about this I'd like to understand before I use this further and upgrade. I cannot seem to find any answers to my questions in the application. I am referencing this video:

To preface, I am very interested in this bot mainly because the competitor does not allow to trade within a fixed % of the market, as this one does with "offset" feature. I am even more interested in the feature to market make on a "B" exchange based on reference price from an "A" (primary market) exchange, thus capturing the benefit of the wider spread on secondary exchanges and especially alternate trading pairs.

--In this bot, an offset was introduced to keep you a fixed % inside the book and not compete for best position with other bots. Is this yet available in the "Live" version?
--In the video, there is a "secondary" bot option. What is that?
--I understand this bot is Professional version but don't see that option here ( How do we get access?
--Is it possible to program our own custom settings into the bot?
--Your competitors have a feature that will auto combine orders of the same price, have a minimum "pong" order size, and ability to set a minimum and maximum price the bot will not trade (market make) beyond. Does your bot allow for any of these?
--Your competitors also allow feature to "skip orders <" when calculating where to place the order. Instead of just allowing a fixed %, are there plans to allow to skip an amount of dust orders before calculating this %?
--How often does the orders refresh? Can this be customized?

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