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General information

General discussion about Haasbot's Order Bot. (Beginner)
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General information

Postby stephan » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:59 pm


Level: Beginner
Risk: -
Profits: -

Trade-amount: -

Exchanges: Spot
Price markets: All
Price trend: -
Price spread: -

Trading fee dependency: -

Trading algorithm
This bot type works based on pre-order which are stored within the software. So you can setup the orders yourself and use the triggers to get them executed over time.

This is the most basic and most simple bot type we have, very much to the point.

Logic schema


Overall advice
None at all, just make sure you set your orders wisely.

Pushing it
The order-bots are the most basic bots which are available inside our software. They purely depend on your insight on when to buy or sell. If they are doing well then we recommend to keep using them, simplicity rules. But if you want something more, something more dynamic then please have a look to the pingpong-bot or scalper-bot. Those are good next steps to explore.
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Re: General information

Postby JSightler » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:19 am

Do the orders have to take place in sequence? For example, after the first order has been sent and processed, can we setup a buy and sell order to be simultaneously sent around the price of the first order? Similar to Market Maker Bot, but so I’can have a little more discretion.

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