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Alice Performance on 3 markets

General discussion about Haasbot's Intelli-Bot series.
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Alice Performance on 3 markets

Postby umuros » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:30 am

Finally I got verified and I could operate Alice on 3 BTC/EUR Markets. Here are the profits in 24 hours:

Kraken: Nothing
Bitstamp: 135 EUR/1 BTC
GDAD(Coinbase): 52.6 EURO/1 BTC

Bitstamp performance is awesome. I was expecting it to behave almost the same on Bitstamp and GDAD but it is not the case.

Alice's are still running if it goes on like this for a week then I will shift my bits to Bitstamp.

I cannot dig why nothing is happening on Kraken. Because I have other bots working on Kraken although with some occational order placement failures. Maybe that's the issue. Kraken is under heavy load.

Now I am sure it will give wildly different profits on other markets but I limited to those because I want to do EUR trading and those are the only markets I know that support BTC/EUR and HAAS.

PS. BTC/EUR performance was +1.43% while Alice's were working. With starting price 4770 euro

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