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Can't link orders on bot

General discussion about Haasbot's Order Bot. (Beginner)
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Can't link orders on bot

Postby Rob25 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:51 pm

Hi, just got the software and trying to figure it all out. I can set up limit orders for buys and sells, but I want them to be able to link together (example, buy order A will only be placed if Sell order B is executed first), like the guy in the tutorial can do. It doesn't work in my interface.

I can get to the marketview screen and see the charts, but I can't input orders there like the guy in the tutorial can, all I can do is input them in the bot itself. I also can't see the buy/sell orders on the charts (and be able to move them by hand) the way the tutorial shows.

Any idea why it won't work for me? I've watched the tutorial, but the way the guy does it there I just can't do on mine. Not working.

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