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Haasbot 2.3 Beta Build 7 has been released!

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Haasbot 2.3 Beta Build 7 has been released!

Postby Phillis » Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:51 pm

~ All,

We are proud to announce that the next beta build of Haasbot 2.3, which is beta build 7, has been released. This build addresses numerous bugs and improved stability. Haasbot should no longer crash and most users will experience an increase in performance and stability. Beta build 7 brings us closer to a Haasbot 2.3 release build. Additionally, we are proud to announce that beta build 7 has BitMEX support!

To trade on BitMEX with Haasbot 2.3 beta build 7, you need to input your username/password into haasbot. We are still waiting for BitMEX to make a user friendly interface to generate API keys, but unfortunately that is not there at the moment. Official BitMEX support will not happen until they add this, as it is a security precaution, as we do not want to have to require users to input this information in order to automate trades. If you do not feel comfortable saving your BitMEX login information into Haasbot, you are free to wait until BitMEX adds the API key interface before checking it out, but keep in mind that all API keys that are added to Haasbot are encrypted on the machine running haasbot.

Haasbot 2.3 Beta Build 7 OS specific builds:

- BitMEX is now supported
- Fixes done to the price receiving engine
- Minor fixes done to the history read engine
- Sandbox futures trading fixed
- Poloniex wallet read fixed
- New Altcoins are added
- Performance improvements added to wallet reading
- Several smaller kernel improvements
- Several interface improvements and fixes

Known remaining issues:
- OKCoin futures shows leverage x20 on LTC, while x20 is not supported.
- BitMEX margin is not displayed properly
- Bitfinex Margin is not functional
- Settlement dates are not all shown properly

Note: BitMEX is working, but the volume is lower than other futures platforms. Its to be expected that the orders will hit 10 minute timeout threshold.

Be sure to post any issues or if you are having any issues in the operating system specific beta bug threads. You can also contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance setting anything up!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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