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General discussion about Haasbot's Accumulation Bot. (Simple)
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Accumulation bot

Postby Quintus » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:13 pm

Accumulation bot
Available in v3.0.61 and up

The Accumulation bot is a bot that increases or decreases your position in a market. It will execute market orders as well as randomize the order size and time between orders to mask your position. This bot will automatically deactivate once either the max amount or timer stop triggers are hit, and can be used to slowly or quickly get into a position with minor controlled slippage.

Additional settings information

Stop trigger
If the trigger value has been reached the bot will deactivate. Available stop options:

  • Max total amount A maximum total trade amount that the bot will buy or sell
  • Timer The bot will be deactivated once the timer done

Minimum and maximum order size
a random order size is generated between the 2 values. The size is randomized after every order.

Minimum and maximum time between orders
A random timeout is created between the 2 values. The timeout is also randomized after every order.


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