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General discussion about Haasbot's Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot. (Professional)
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General information

Postby stephan » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:33 am


Inter-Exchange Arbitrage -bot

Level: Professional (available within Advanced License during the BETA and PROMO periods)
Risk: High
Profits: Low to Normal

Trade-amount: 0.01 BTC

Exchanges: All
Price markets: All
Price trend: Sideways
Price spread: All

Trading fee dependency: -

Trading algorithm
This bot type works based on the following logic and rules.
- It uses 2 platforms and 2 markets.
- If on 1 market the buy price is lower then the sell price of the opposite market the bot do a buy on one and sell on the other.
- If on 1 market the sell price is higher then the buy price of the opposite market the bot do a sell on one and buy on the other.

It will repeat this until one wallet side of the wallet doesn't have enough to trade with. Eventually, you will need to rebalance your wallet manually. The bot will not preform any transactions between exchange (the software cant do that).


Overall advice
Only use this bot then you fully understand the concept. For a real profit you will have to preform manual rebalancing.

Pushing it

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Re: General information

Postby statdude » Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:23 pm


This bot has me most excited here, but I have some questions-

--Is there a video / manual available for this bot?
--Is this bot executing Market orders only, or can it set Limit orders + an Offset for buy sell, to make a market ?

Essentially, my goal is to use this on a secondary market (example, ETH or XMR on Bittrex) referencing a primary market (example, Polo/Bitfinex) where most of the activity happens. It would then set orders on the target market based on the rules from the initial market. So, it's exactly the same as the market making bot, except it's actually placing the limit orders on another exchange. Is this currently possible, or buildable? The point is to take advantage of the wider spread on the target exchange. You wouldn't want to use a simple market making bot on the target exchange, or you'd get burned by price moves on the main.

Example: Poloniex COIN price is $2 bid $3 ask. Bittrex is $1.5 bid $2.5 ask. I reference Poloniex as main. Thus, my bot will set orders on Bittrex at $2 bid $3 ask (same as Polo, ignoring Bittrex pricing totally). Is this possible?

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Re: General information

Postby DabsTheDoge » Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:53 pm

Great bot idea! I am currently trying to use with ETH/BTC on GDAX and Poloniex.
Gdax buy @ .01850 sell .01851
polo buy @ .01848 sell .01848

Bot bought on polo at low price (market order)
then placed a limit order on Gdax for .01900

Is this how the bot was designed? I was under the impression both orders would be market orders as to take advantage of the current gap. Please advise! Thank you

I also just noticed the bot is showing buy sell prices reversed in the price market info. ???

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Re: General information

Postby speedmax » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:18 pm

do i need factor in fees into the trigger percent? (market taker fee of A+B)

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Re: General information

Postby stephan » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:29 pm

Yes you need to set up the fee yourself. Market making orders (the once we place) are sometimes favored by a exchange with 0% fee. This is why we use them and how you can take maximum advantage of it.

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