Can anyone help with Follow the Trend

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Can anyone help with Follow the Trend

Postby cryptok » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:55 am

Hi Guys

I am having some good results with the Flash Crash Bot, I am currently manually moving the base price, I then tried the follow the trend feature which worked very good and then it becomes disabled which is pretty obvious when once I read the info :D

The "Follow The Trend (FTT)" feature allows the bot to follow slow moving markets in anticipation of a big move up or down. Once an order is (partially) filled the feature will be disabled and the bot will continue operations as normal.

The FTT has 2 limitations:
- The feature will only work when the bot has only buy or only sell orders. If it detects orders on both sides the FTT will be disabled.

Can I ask is there anyway for the feature to be re-enabled if the trading pair goes up and down a certain value ?

Or perhaps someone could explain the feature a bit better for me please

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