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Scalper Target%/Safety Threshold Clarity

General discussion about Haasbot's Scalper Bot. (Beginner)
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Scalper Target%/Safety Threshold Clarity

Postby ninja45 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:25 am

Hi guys, brand new here, and am getting started using a scalper bot. I understand the inputs of the scalper to a point where I can make it trade more or less contracts (and understand its optimally used in a sideways market). I do want to gain some clarity into the threshold % and safety settings and their meanings/values in the trade cycle. I find it helpful to talk through a trade to understand mechanics, so I'll put some parameters and an example below. If anyone could chime in with comments/corrections/insights, it would be really helpful.

For this example, lets say crypto XYZ/USDT is trading @ $100.00 on ABC exchange using these settings:
trade amount = 2
fees = 0.2%
target percentage = 1.0%,
safety threshold= 10%
Other assumptions are that I have +10 XYZ coins and $1000 available on ABC exchange, statistics are cleared, backtesting returned 10% over 2 days, and this is a spot account.

I start up the bot, and XYZ price goes from $100 to $99. I would expect to buy +2 XYZ because the price has moved -$1 (or 1%). Based on the target percentage of 1%, I would then expect to sell only when XYZ returns to at least $99.99 (or $99 x 1%), and not make additional buys.

If I'm still +2 XYZ @ 99.00 and the price has gradually ticked down to $89.10, I would expect to sell -2 XYZ @ 89.10 due to my safety threshold being 10% (or $99 x 10%). I would then only expect to trigger a buy again once the price is at or below 88.21 (or, 89.10 x 1.0%).

Now that I'm flat in the bot, I could expect either a buy or a sell on an absolute 1% change from 89.10 (with a sell being possible due to being net long +10 XYZ in my ABC exchange wallet.)

Is this fairly accurate? Thanks in advance.
Haas Scalper documentation for reference

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