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Newbie - Couple of Questions

General discussion about Haasbot's Scalper Bot. (Beginner)
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Newbie - Couple of Questions

Postby harvey571 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:28 pm

Got a couple of questions I have been working through and trying to search for answers. Two are general and one is related to scalping.

Question 1. Is it possible in a Bot instead of setting sell 0.1 BTC for instance to state sell 80% of the wallet? This way you keep building ... I see there is a % in "Trade Now"?

Question 2. If you use the insurance "Trade only Sideways" how is this actually evaluated is it something over the last X minutes that sideways is defined as ....?

Question 3. I wanted to setup a basic scalper bot that buys only in a Sideways market and my idea was to use two bots. However is this possible?

Bot 1 is setup with the following
Blind Indicator
Insurance: Trade only in Sideways Market
Parameter: Use only Buy Signal

Bot 2 is setup with the following
Blind Indicator
Parameter: Use only Sell Signal
Insurance: Price Percent Change

The intent is to buy in a sideways market but sell no matter what the market is as long as it can be sold for a profit.

I am thinking of expanding this bot but I am trying to get it as simple as possible ... "if one hammer can't do the job why can several do the job"

The problem I see is Bot 1 buys but it appears Bot 2 has no clue what Bot 1 does unless I manually go in and make the change. However maybe this is not possible and I need to consider a second indicator to control the buys only during certain market trends removing the Trade only sideways.

Also if it is possible to have 2 bots work together is there a route to combine the profit and loss? I tried grouping them but maybe I need to read more on grouping. Though it seems grouping is maybe just for activating and de-activating.

A guess a couple of questions more than three but I appreciate the help as work through the tool.

Thank you

FYI I am working on a MACD and RSI scalper as well but still in the beginning....

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