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[Speculation] Haasbot Bitcoin Wall Observer

General Discussion about the price of cryptocurrencies, technical analysis, speculation, etc
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[Speculation] Haasbot Bitcoin Wall Observer

Postby Phillis » Wed Nov 12, 2014 6:32 pm

Hey guys,

I figured maybe we could get something going where we can discuss the price of bitcoin in general, not necessarily with haasbot.

Currently, we had quite the day, shot up from $370 to $435. From my perspective, looks like we are in for a retrace down to $410 or $405, then we will probably take a shot at $450 and test the resistance there.

OkCoin led the way for most of the pump, and topped out at 2750 CNY. I will definitely be watching OkCoin for moves either way.

Best of luck and happy trades! Welcome to the Haasbot Wall Observer!

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Re: Haasbot BTC Wall Observer

Postby Theo » Wed Nov 12, 2014 6:41 pm

It looks like we hit some resitance at the 430-440 range, look for it to settle around 420, other wise 460 is the next target.

The Oracle says:

The falling trend line created by the top of the day candles at the start of Aug 2014 and ending around Aug 11th create this downward line. Today the price touched this line but did not break through. If there is a sustained breakthrough of about 24 hours then the next target is the 460 mark, that mark will clearly confirm that we are no longer in a falling trend canal and now in a bullish trend.

On the other hand if the price cant break the 460 mark expect it to go down to 420 and if it cant stay there then 405 or 395.
All of these prices are based on bitstamp

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Re: [Speculation] Haasbot Bitcoin Wall Observer

Postby cryptocrooks » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:53 pm

Seems like 200$ is now the strongest resistance, people remember that price and have faith in that level. Over time, people will continue to buy and use bitcoin in their lives, further pushing the value.
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