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Dear Stephen Admin Answer to your question

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Dear Stephen Admin Answer to your question

Postby Yaskina » Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:13 am

Stephen hello I'm a new customer, would like to answer a question you asked in earlier forum you asked "IF there is a technique which i am unaware off then i sure love to know of love to analyze it and support it if possible. Its not a matter of willing, its a matter of providing something which works smooth." Well the answer is yes there is I call it a hack run by a very sophisticated group of bots with multiple accounts and they are using many techniques with many many millions, I personally think its criminal. I would love to work with you to collaborate as i have been studding it since it was activated when the price first hit 920. I think you will find it genius. They are probably making millions a day if not more with zero risk. If your interested PM me and i will give you the details about all the techniques and how it works and how, and where to watch and study it your self. You can email me directly at parsons.jason& also please give me member status to the member forums please and thank you.

Also i have 2 computers that i have tried running your software on and I'm having problems with the faster desktop running Windows 10, the price up dates are very delayed from my broker maybe like 15 seconds. Its a dual core running at 3636.56 HMz per core. When i start the server i get a warning that it may not have a enough cores to run handle the software and that it is entering low power mode. My settings in the power setting in the control panel for the CPU is to run at a min of 100% so basically i have 7273.12 MHz of processing power which a fair amount and should be good enough. Also the network for this computer is ether net wired to a 6 meg download speed. I have tried everything even lowered the update speed for the ticker in your app control panel. The interesting thing is my netbook with only 2 gigs of ram running win Windows 7 with a Quad core 1.6 Mhz Atom processor and a slower wireless connection seems to update almost right away with only a very small delay. This delay is a problem i have tried Firefox, Edge, Chrome still get the same problem, I even shut down all background apps, and have looked in the task manager to see how much ram and processor % it is using and this is 100% not the problem cause it only use's like 150 megs of ram and 20 to 40% processor with 3 bots running. Do you have any idea whats wrong and why this is happening?



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Re: Dear Stephen Admin Answer to your question

Postby Trade » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:32 am

Try this post if you have access to this sub-forum:

Also, try Opera Browser v42. Seems to work best for HTS.

P.S. You want a Dedicated Server, preferrably with a Xeon 4 Core Processor. An Atom 8 Core/8 Thread may work too, but a Xeon is probably better.

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Re: Dear Stephen Admin Answer to your question

Postby stephan » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:38 am

I do not believe it, but i have send a PM.
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