Trailing Stop Loss Safety (vs Stop-Loss Dynamic)

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Re: Trailing Stop Loss Safety (vs Stop-Loss Dynamic)

Postby bastian » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:39 pm

Hi there, your software is great and I bought it because I thought you have a dynamic tailing stop loss. Finding out that you base your stop loss on a time period which is very risky and does not fulfill the purpose of what is describted above. Also the pump and dump will not resolve the issue. I encourage you to make the tailing stop loss as described above. It would be super valuable for long term traders who just want to secure the downward risks. Alternatively, you can just swap the time value with a % or $ value in the parameters, that would already get us 95% there. Please Please Please! If you can refer me to someone who can build a custom scriped that would at least help me. Thanks Baz

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