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Fixed-Amount Trade Amount

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Fixed-Amount Trade Amount

Postby cryptocrooks » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:46 pm

I'm suggesting that there be the ability to have a fixed trade-amount for both the buy and the sell side, and if possible to set a range.

Since I usually run one bot on all-in with spread orders, there is usually an amount left over, which the other bot trades a fixed amount. The problem here is that the left over amount changes, so it would be nice if I was able to set a fixed-amount for both the sell side and sell side.

For example: I have a dynamic high/low bot that trades .01 btc but after one trade it switches to the sold side (USD) and says "trade amount too high/low". But if I set it to buy .01 btc and sell $3, it wouldn't be a problem.

That would be very nice! Let me know your ideas, if anyone else has some.
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