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a few suggestions regarding BOT LIST page

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a few suggestions regarding BOT LIST page

Postby Bunka » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:39 am

Hi there,

Have a few suggestions regarding BOT LIST page:

1. to be able to sort list of bots regarding different columns criteria (name, market, trade amount, position, profit, fee, gain, gain in percentage, which only works so far

2. to add total gain (+/-) in BTC value at the end and also percentage of each bot and in total + sub-summary and summary below, like this could be done in simple spreadsheet table

3. to add contextual menu as "start/stop", "view trades", etc. within the list (now only "eye" to open bot)

4. also to add stop or start for all bots at the same time within active or deactive (this would sometimes be lifesaver and timesaver)

5. to add export of CSV data, as seen on screen

6. to add multipage export of "excel" tables for each bot with all the trades details (much appreciated option to all of us)

All those would kinda much improve working with status, not to look at details, but to summary and fast review of current bot situation and on the long run to be able to track overall results effectively

As this is only table data work with allready existing data, should not be much hassle to add, but effect is much desired by whole community.

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Re: a few suggestions regarding BOT LIST page

Postby stephan » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:00 am

I do not promise it directly, but i did have make a note of this to indeed implement these improvements.
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