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Learning And Implementing Strategy

Share your Haasbot Trading Strategies and Configurations
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Learning And Implementing Strategy

Postby CoinsLikeLuigi » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:34 pm

Hey All,

I have been doing a lot of trading over the past 1.5 months, but I have mostly been trading through my Coinbase Exchange account instead of using the Haasbot software. I'm having a really hard time in determining which types of indicators to use and when. I have read many threads throughout this forum on trading strategy, including:

1. RSI
2. MA
3. StochRSI
4. High / Low
5. I have even looked into Fibonacci and Ichimoku Clouds

All of these bots, no matter how many changes or backtesting I do, all seem to make no trades or lose money.

Overall, I would like to use half my investment on long term trades (using whole BitCoins for each trade on larger trends), which I assume would use an MA type of indicator, and the other half of my investment would be split into smaller chunks and traded more frequently using a High / Low or RSI indicator (this would be smaller amounts like .1 or .2 BTC per trade and use many more bots with more frequent trades). My issue here is that the market has had a lot of ups and downs lately and I want to learn how to set up these bots so that I can continually hit the highs and lows of the market on the short term (with the smaller trades) and then profit off of larger uptrends in the long term (with larger amount of BTC trades).

Is this a good strategy to set up?
How exactly should I set up my bots for capturing profits on all of the highs and lows lately? What indicators and number intervals and lengths should I be using for this type of strategy?

Please find holes and make recommendations.

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Re: Learning And Implementing Strategy

Postby Theo » Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:42 pm

The first thing to think about the current state of the market.

Is the price ranging (sideways) - for example 225-230 for a while.
Is the price trending - making new highs or new lows

When the price is ranging the RSI- Stoch and High Low will do better
When the price is trending the MA, EMA, MACD, DEMA, TEMA will do better


For a ranging market

2 RSI , one on a short time frame and one on a longer time frame.
For example RSI at 5min and RSI at 10min

For a trending market
2 MA with different intervals
for example MA 30min 12 26 + MA 30min 10 21

The second thing to think about is what exchange is leading the market?
Are the chinese exchanges leading the price movement or is bitfinex?
Does the exchange that you are trading on react before or after other exchanges?

In the example of coinbase, I would say that in general it reacts to China and Bitfinex.

Use the signal from another exchange in at least one of your indicators in the above setups.
Go into the indicator and select which exchange the signal comes from.

If that is too complicated:
Just set up a dynamic drop loss and a dynamic roof in at large time frames
For example 97% 720 min Dynamic drop loss and 103% roof in

If you have these set up in a bot that only has these 2 things then it will only buy in if there is a big pump and sell if there is a major dump.
You should be able to let the bot buy back in with the roof in, or do it yourself by hand.

This would catch the BIG dumps and pumps , like the recent dump caused in part by issues at Bitfinex or the legendary "bearwhale" dump last year.

I hope these are good starting points for everyone.


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Re: Learning And Implementing Strategy

Postby CoinsLikeLuigi » Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:41 pm

Hey Theo,

In your suggestions, are you saying that I should have:

2 RSI indicators per bot for the ranging market
2 MA indicators per bot for the trending market

Or are you saying that I should have:

2 separate bots with each bot running an RSI indicator in a ranging market
2 separate bots with each bot running an MA indicator in a trending market

Just to clarify: For the further suggestions would the dynamic drop loss and roof-in set-up be a separate bot of its own or should those factors be built into the other RSI and MA bots?

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Re: Learning And Implementing Strategy

Postby Theo » Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:28 am


One bot with 2 RSI or 2 MA
It is a good idea to use at least 2 indicators , or one indicator and one insurance in a bot

Bot One:
RSI 5min
RSI 3min

Bot Two:
MA 10 21 20min
MA 12 26 20min

These are just suggestions to start with for a trending or ranging market.

On the spot market I prefer to have a bot alone just with the drop loss / roof in
Put this on the same market that you are trading on. If I am trading BTC/USD in the RSI bot then set the the drop loss/roof in bot on BTC/USD too.

I also suggest this post from Stephan: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=486&p=1784#p2343


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