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High Volume Trades - profitable frequency increase methods

Explain and discuss different trading strategies.
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High Volume Trades - profitable frequency increase methods

Postby zebroid » Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi All

I have been trading with bots & Haasbot for a while now but wanting to expand my trade frequencies using Haasbot. I know most strategies could be placed into low/medium/high risk depending on your bot safety, insurance etc.

What I'm interested to discuss is trade volumes/frequency because a good strategy is based on optimal or basic profit, anything less needs more tweaking.

Which exchanges give you the higher trade frequency i.e. most orders gone through?

How did you or are able to increase your trade volumes with orders being processed?

Reason for above guideline questions. I'm running some "ideal bots" but find not all orders happen as indicated. Should I increase the trade amount or decrease the update check? I know it depends on the exchange & currencies traded, but some general tweak ideas welcomed also.

Basically if you have a good bot tweaked, back tested and it's profitable, what are the pointers to look into to increase the amount of trades to succeed i.e. profitable frequency increase?

One basic strategy I apply to increase my trade frequency is duplicate bots with different trade amounts running at the same time. I find it works well except on a restart the tracking gets a bit mixed & requires some manual intervention on buy/sell settings.

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Re: High Volume Trades - profitable frequency increase metho

Postby cryptocrooks » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:48 pm

I like numbered questions, hahaha.

1- BTCE orders go through within 30 seconds usually, very quick because it's a high volume exchange.

2- Use limit orders, price changes quickly, but the fastest would probably be market orders. Spread orders fill quite fast too.

3- They've been working on failing orders since I got the bot in october/november. It could be a problem with the exchanges' APIs, like is useless on haasbot.

4- There's no way around bugs, but to report them, follow the protocol for reporting bugs with orders that aren't being completed.

This being said, no amount of backtesting will prove a bot's profitability, it's all about tweaking the numbers to reduce weird indicator read-outs to simple, buy, sell patterns. It can be tough, but the indicators and safeties will prevent mis-trades, sometimes. Haasbot 2.0 seems to be a step forward, so the next few updates should fix any major problems still existing, api disconnects, trades not completing, etc.
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