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Help Implanting strategy RSI - WMA - 15'

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Help Implanting strategy RSI - WMA - 15'

Postby krako » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:45 am

Hello I have this strategy that gve a good results when I use it manually and I would like to implement it in the bot:

Frame time: 15'
RSI : 14 30 70
WMA: 14

What I want to do is:
I wait untill RSI indicate OVERSELL (under 30) this is like a pre-alert, so I don't buy yet, but I keep ready to buy. I will buy and stay long only when WMA change the direcction to UP but only if in some inmediate previous point RSI was indicating oversell.
The point is than is NOT required that RSI keep indicating oversell when WMA change the direction.
After buy I place a stop loss under the lowest point of the previous candles.
For shorts will be opposed.

RSI indicator cross the 30 line and the price drop to a minimun of 640 USD
After few candles the WMA indicator (that was pointing down when RSI was indicating oversell) turn the direction to UP (now RSI is not indicating Oversell anymore, all ready cross up the 30 line).
In this moment I buy.
After buy I place a stop loss under 640 UD (for example at 635USD)

Any idea about how to implant this strategy or some thing similar in one or more bots?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Help Implanting strategy RSI - WMA - 15'

Postby pshai » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:16 am

This can be implemented in HTS, but it will require scripting. With the built-in indicators this cannot be done, unfortunately. If you have a license that allows the use of scripts, I could help you out.

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