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BTC-e Trading tip

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BTC-e Trading tip

Postby stephan » Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:54 pm

I am around for an very long time doing crypto trading and the first ever exchange i tried was BTC-e. Back in the days in 2013 i saw somebody called Fontas running around in the trollbox. Fontas was always telling when an alt-coin got pumped up. When he said it would go up then a lot of people always followed him because he was always right. The same was true for me, i also invested and make some very good profits from it.

These days it looks like Fontas has returned. Just yesterday he said he was pushing the price of LTC and this is exactly what happened.

With his return i want to give all BTC-e users the advice to follow up on him. Like i said, i can confirm he was always right in the past.

So how do you gain from this using the haasbot? Well initially you need to track Fontas. I would recommend to track his Twitter account because then you can see his messages clearly. The second thing you need to do is invest when he tells you to and then setup an trade-bot with only the "Price Pump" Safety. This strategy will follow the pump of the prices upwards and it does not allow for dropping down. So you invest, the prices goes up, the bot gets guarding and then you wait. In time the pump will stop, your bot will sell your investment and all you need to do is count your profits.

Results of yesterday
I always love to work by example, so let me show how this has worked out yesterday...

This was his posting i was following up...
fontas.png (113.9 KiB) Viewed 833 times

This is the bot in action. (it did not sell, its was close call but i am still in)

(i am adjusting each 60minutes, but 45minutes or 90minutes can be used as well, its an waiting game anyway. Just do not go below 45minutes else the trend can not evolve nicely up anymore, it needs some space to move!)

Equal examples
Its not the first time i suggest to use this strategy, the Just a simple strategy (ETH) is more or less totally equal to this.

Advanced users
When an coin get pumped then the market is looking for stability over ALL the exchanges. Meaning if prices go up at BTC-e, the other exchange will follow up as well. (leading market principle)

Fontas is smart as well, what i suggest here is to join him. But that is his goal too, people have to follow his advice. Why? Well its very likely mr Fontas has bought the alt-coin well before he tells to invest. That would be the way to gain the most from this. Think about this.... because it holds the answer to do EXACTLY the same as he is doing and gaining the maximum from this. (see: Haasbot to slowly build up or wind down position? how to work this out inside the haasbot)

Please understand i share this is an advice based on results i personally reached in the past. I am not connected or related to Fontas at all and i can not control if anything goes wrong. In the worst case losses will be limited if you follow my advice. But i am unable to give 100% protection, so keep in mind there is an risk to this advice.

The most important thing is: You must jump in early, the later it gets the more risky it gets.


Remember... you do not need to be an professional to use the Haasbot. Keep things simple and you can reach amazing results already. With this you can ROI the license costs in just a day!

Go make some profits with this advice and share your findings here.
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