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I need at least the basics working guys. Please help. Not new to writing bots or using them.

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I need at least the basics working guys. Please help. Not new to writing bots or using them.

Postby pfxtrades » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:03 pm

Hi there,

I have five years experience writing trade bots in MT4 and software related work as a living to give you some context I am not new and I am incredibly patient when it comes to configuring software. Writing it is hard especially with new things like websockets. I don't expect things to always work as as intended. In this case _nothing_ has worked as intended I have tried for more than a week now.

I wrote multiple successful bots for MT4 before dodd-frank shut me out of the game (I am a dirty american lol) and it was mind-numbingly simple. You define when you want to check the market against an indicator, you buy and sell as much as you want (honestly moneymanagement is the most important), and its generally updated and reflected on the chart and the script runs in a loop. People got a lot fancier but it just wasn't needed if you were not greedy and generally went long. I heard that game died to bucket shops and spread spiking though so I decided to come back to the crypto game to see how it was and it blew up obviously. I wrote some simple graphs evaluating multiple orderbooks (which I have to say on your software works incredibly well) and wanted to get back into automated trading and saw this as the best option and bought a 3 month advanced license.

This is all I want from you guys right now. I want the most basic of basic things to work. I need this to work before 11/7/17 otherwise I would like a refund please. Its not working as all as the descriptions would lead me to believe. I would like someone to respond with the appropriate configuration to reach these goals with a backtest or forward paper test and a log demonstrating these things work.

Margin Trading:
OBJECTIVE: Have a bot make one trade with a template (it does follow the order template atm so its not an issue there), watch stop loss and take profit as a percentage so I don't have to configure it every time for every pair and close the position after it hits either threshold and stop trading. I just want it to babysit my trades. I have indicators and charting from another source though you guys have wonderful charting alternatives. :)

Trade Settings Funds position: ShortTrade amount:
STR Last Order Prices Last long price:
BTCLast short price:
BTC Order Settings Enter position:Bigbet(10 staggered orders)Exit position: Limit Order

Blind Indicator Settings: <--- This is just to make short orders, the goal is to copy it for long orders.
Signal Settings Use short signal: yes
Use no position signal: no
Use long signal: no
Reverse Signals: no
Master signal: no

Safety Settings:
Close below % Loss: 5% (CLOSES POSITION ANY TIME AT ANY POSITION JUST FOR EXISTING ON THE BOT. NOT SURE WHY. UPSETTING.) None of the safeties/insurances seem to work properly at all.
Close above % Gain: 20%

As the bot is documented this should produce the desired result and I consider it the most basic of basic. I really really didn't want to have to program my own bots this time around since it took so long and I think it's pretty reasonable that this is the most minimum of requests and its not working.

Bot longs/shorts double the amount sometimes triple the amount I set. Also wheres the moneymanagement?(I feel like this is fixable with a configuration I haven't tried maybe)
Bot closes position all the time on %loss regardless of the value set, I have also tried simple stop loss and (also wtf is roof out in and whatever) and they just instantly close the position.

I was dumb was wasted .07 btc on this because the configurations worst of all seemed to work just fine randomly then stopped so I suspect its a constellation of issues not just one. That's my fault but none the less I would like to use the thing you are selling me in a rational and as advertised manner please ASAP.

If this software can't do that and anyone knows of one that can please pm me. I just want to be ready for the hard fork. I mean no disrespect and I am just trying to come correct to one of the most exciting financial trading sessions of all of our lifetimes.

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