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Can Haasbot do this?

General discussion about Haasbot's Order Bot. (Beginner)
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Can Haasbot do this?

Postby Chizz » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:25 pm

Hi guys,
I'm interested in purchasing haasbot, however prior to buying I'd like to know if haasbot is able to do the following:

Create ten / twenty custom orders where:

1. - Purchase prices (limit orders) are fixed.
2. - As soon as the purchase order has been fulfilled, a Sell order must be created.
3.1 - Unless the sell order has been fulfilled, the bot can not purchase a new position on the same/initial purchase price.

e.g. 1: purchased at 6750, with sell order at 6900. The price rises to 6800, the drops to 6750 again. At this moment, bot should NOT buy in, as the initial sell order (6900) has not been hit, and previous order is still open.
e.g. 2: purchased at 6750, with sell order at 6900. The price rises to 6950 [sell order hits] then drops to 6750. At this moment bot SHOULD buy in, as the sell order has been hit.

- Is the bot able to differentiate between two trades at the same price? For example; if I have 2 custom orders where 1 bitcoin is purchased for each order at the purchase price of 6750. When it hits 6750, I want custom order 1: create sell order at 6900, and custom order 2: create sell order at 7000. Can the bot differentiate between commands on the same price level?

- Does the bot have trailing stop option by any chance?

Very excited to hear from you guys.

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Re: Can Haasbot do this?

Postby Synthetic » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:47 pm

You could setup custom orders like you described. Its actually one of the most simple bots available.

Check the wiki for a better description

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