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Re: bot not working

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:50 am
by kristof
Thanks for answer.

Its long reed, BUT , There is many many questions with answers,
Lot of material from what i can learn.
Loot off interesting things to know in my opinion.
Now im still in 2013 posts, probably after some 30 pages will get more interesting.

BUT what i want to say, u done great job, i don't know a lot about trading/ or trading bots,
I have this advanced license, where i see all this options, and the PROGRESS mate, its very very big progress in your software ,
At 2013 was looking nice basic trading software, Now in 2016, Its very very professional trading software.
Well done, great job. Thanks.

Can't wait to master it. :))

Re: bot not working

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:57 am
by kristof
Thanks for all those answers,

Yes, indicator scanner are very good tool, 2 days ago i learned how to scan indicators and save those parameters after scanning :))

For now one more question,
About Poloniex,

Are this platform working with your software ?

Last night before i go sleep i tried to launch simple pingpong bot, for Poloniex,
And there was all the time some error,
Like i don't have enough coins in my account.
I was thinking to put bot on XMR/BTC

I had btc , so i put position BTC,
Its say no coins,
I bought manually XMR ,
And put position XMR,
Again the same, I tried to put half of my coins to trade with, Again the same.

Or maybe pingpong not working with poloniex ?

Have a nice day,