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Bot that trades at a point in time

General Discussion about Haasbot's Trade Server Bot. (All)
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Bot that trades at a point in time

Postby Pieter1 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:30 pm

I am trying to create a bot that only triggers a trade at the point in time when a condition is met (for example, at the moment when MACD crosses over zero). My problem arises where I use something like MACD crossing zero as a buy signal and another indicator as a sell signal. However, if the sell signal is triggered while the MACD is still greater than zero, the current MACD-Zero buy signal triggers again immediately resulting in transactions that I do not want to enter into.

Is it possible to change the settings of an indicator to only trigger at a point in time, rather than as long as the condition is met?

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Re: Bot that trades at a point in time

Postby sarged » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:42 am

I second to this.

The indicators setting must be expanded to inlclude more trigger events.

Or even better, add option "keep triggering until x candles after convergence":

0 - always keep triggering on every new candle after convergence
1 - trigger only on first candle after convergence
N - trigger from 1st to N candle after convergence

Bollinger bands also need more trigger options - right now it's just 2 checkboxes "buy" and "sell" signals.
Let's say its not that useful..... at the moment.

The madhatter custom bot seems to read bollingers pretty well but, it only buys. I want a bot that works 2 ways.
Too bad I can't modify the code of the custom bots.

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