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Double up trading strategy

General Discussion about Haasbot's Trade Server Bot. (All)
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Double up trading strategy

Postby merkle-mayhem » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:08 am

Is there a way of implementing a "double up" strategy in Haasbot?

For example, if a price drops, the strategy is to continually double your position at set intervals along this drop. If and when the trend reverses (and your doubling up intervals extend all the way down the price drop) only a small reversal in price is required to become profitable.

This seems to be part of the strategy of the Profit Trailer trading bot.

If there is no exisiting setup for this, could it be implemented within a script?

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Re: Double up trading strategy

Postby kobalt » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:08 pm

Yes, I was wondering about the same thing.. ?

Are there DCA variants possible?
I have made some order templates but they do not trigger..
At least not yet in my attempt to make a more customised Zone Recovery style Trade Bot. I noticed Zone Recovery can be a bit odd at times.. Changing a long position in a dip and vice versa.. Might be some logic in there or it needs time to gather info but it certainly doen't waste any time as soon as you enable it....*plop* you have an open position :) (can send screenshots in Telegram)

FCB would do a good job in regard to placement of DCA looking at the exponential and boost etc...It would be great to increase your position if you could also manage the size.....


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