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[Error] WebSocket.doHandshake

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[Error] WebSocket.doHandshake

Postby skarbor » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:15 pm

Hello, i'm getting the following error

Code: Select all

Connecting to BitMEX...
Price source BitMEX has been setup.
Connecting to Binance...
Price source Binance has been setup.
Price driver is activated.
Driver is activated.
Trying to connect Account to BitMEX...
Account BitMEX pointing to BitMEX has been connected.
Trying to connect Account to Binance...
3/20/2018 7:04:23 PM|Fatal|WebSocket.doHandshake|Not a WebSocket handshake response.
Account Binance pointing to Binance has been connected.
Trading driver is activated.
Bot engine is activated.
Custom bot engine is activated.
Candle pattern identifier is activated.
Dashboard driver is activated.
Authview checkup completed.
Interface file server started (
Interface file server verified running.
Starting SuperWebsocket
Web socket started on adress

Application is started. :)

I searched the forums and found some topics posted but they weren't helpful

Help is appreciated

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